The BIGGEST MISTAKES Home Sellers Make...


Make no mistake; The current market is a Buyer's market for many price segments. High inventories, foreclosures, irrational fear, and a sharp contraction in financing availability have combined into a seller's nightmare. As trusted advisors, we will not sugar-coat a reality that stares at every one's face. Our advice to clients that come asking about selling their home is to wait. With the exception of homes in the higher price ranges, property values are drastically lower in these times of mass fear, be it real or imaginary. Properties in the mid and lower price ranges have suffered the most because of the reality that they led in the increases (as a percentage of value) during 2000-2006 and also because they represent the bulk of builders' over supply that has added to the high inventories.

In our local market, the Spruce Creek Fly-in and Port Orange areas, that number is around $750,000. Homes valued above that range have not had nor are expected to have the large declines of the other segments. However, all strategies of maximizing value are preempted by the needs of the seller. If you have to sell your home now in spite of the current conditions, you will benefit by following some guidelines to adjust to the market reality. Here are the TEN BIGGEST Mistakes home sellers make when selling their home in a tough market...

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