KARLHAUS Expands to Orlando and Central Florida


Karlhaus Expands to orlando and central Florida MarketsSPRUCE CREEK, FL - KARLHAUS LLC, parent company of Karlhaus Realty at Spruce Creek has announced its expansion into the Orlando and Central Florida markets.

With the market expansion, Karlhaus joined the My Florida Regional MLS, offering its listings the additional exposure to several million affluent buyers and agents throughout Florida.

"Orlando's market was a natural expansion for our business to capitalize on our model and the large number of very affluent foreign customers we have from Europe, Canada and Latin America." said Carlos Bravo, CEO of Karlhaus. "We are basically responding to demand and positioning the company to a gradual expansion and eventual franchising of the concept".

The economic depression that has enveloped the US Real estate market has presented pockets of opportunity to wealthy buyers from the US and abroad which Karlhaus has been wildly successful in reaching.

Over 85% of Karlhaus Realty's sales are cash deals.

" Due to our agreement with My Florida Regional MLS, our listings will also appear on thousands of our fellow real estate agents websites all across Florida." said Bravo
Bravo has been a private investor for over 20 years and offers a unique perspective to his clients. Being an investor and developer, his real estate and finance knowledge is crucial in getting the best negotiated deals for them, earning a cult-like following.

In regards to Foreign buyers, Bravo added that "Customers are comfortable with Karlhaus due to our ability to speak in their native language and demonstrated understanding of their cultures. Karlhaus agents speak six languages and most have lived all over the world bringing a unmatched cultural perspective in the sales of high-end properties." "Our presence is truly global".

Already two large chains have made approaches to acquire Karlhaus Realty, an option that is not on the table at this time according to Bravo.

Bravo is a serial entrepreneur, cofounder and senior executive of a wildly successful "dot com" that he and his partners took public in 1999 and which grew to 1,300 employees and a multi-billion dollar valuation.

"After we come into a market, we gain leadership within a few months; By the time we gain market control, stagnant players are left perplexed not knowing what hit them" Bravo commented about his market strategies.

Karlhaus success is in stark contrast to other real estate agencies throughout Florida which have seen their sales stagnate. "Our neighbors keep hearing excuses from agents that their homes do not sell due to the bad economy, yet our own sales are skyrocketing! - you go figure". Bravo explains that their unique technology-based and corporate-style professional approach to real estate marketing is unmatched anywhere in Florida and takes from his long experience in the internet business and his professional background as CEO and marketing executive at Fortune 500 companies.

Search Orlando and Central Florida Properties

Search Orlando and Central Florida Properties

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