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Karlhaus Realty at Spruce Creek, Value MapKarlhaus Realty has implemented Realist ValueMap™ and is now available free to its customers through its Spruce Creek Real Estate web site. The ValueMap tool provides quick automated estimates of a property's worth according to recent sales and several statistics from public records and the MLS® databases.

The Karlhaus ValueMap provides you with 24/7 access to the complete spectrum of property information-covering 97% of U.S. real estate transactions. The system is much more than a simple valuation tool. With it you can:

• Enter a home address and ValueMap instantly provides the estimated value of the home
• Determine the estimated value of adjacent homes
• Allow users to adjust home facts and re-calculate a home’s value
• View nearby homes for sale
• View similar homes in the area that have recently sold and for how much

More than a home valuation site, Realist ValueMap brings all of this to life with highly interactive mapping features such as: up-to-date street maps, Bird’s Eye and Aerial imagery, and even parcel lot lines.

While a more precise value assessment can only be obtained by a professional, the Karlhaus ValueMap is a good first step in gauging the value of your property in comparison to your neighbor's. This tool in combination with the services of a Karlhaus Agent can be a valuable resource in estimating the value of a property, whether you are a Buyer or a Seller.

Karlhaus CEO, Carlos Bravo said that while the ValueMap tool is still new and can be somewhat inaccurate in estimating the value of unique properties such as those in the Spruce Creek Fly-in, it does have value in assessing relative worth when a property is compared to another. He added that "the ability to display nearby sales data and listings for sale as well as the virtual imagery makes it a very useful tool for our customers". "Today's Buyers do a lot of their real estate research through the internet thanks to the wide availability of information", Bravo said.

Karlhaus has access to the latest sales data and market trends, not only for properties sold through the MLS® but for all properties, including For Sale by Owner (FSBO), direct sales and trades in Spruce Creek, Port Orange, and anywhere else in Florida. This information is essential and, when combined with our expertise and negotiating advice, ensure the best possible deal for Karlhaus clients whether they are Buying or Selling.

According to Bravo, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies are disrupting the way real estate business is transacted. "Through the Karlhaus Realty sites, a Buyer might as easily be shopping for a home in Spruce Creek while drinking his afternoon coffee in Germany, and at the same time another Buyer in Spain is enjoying some virtual browsing as if he was driving down the streets of Port Orange, using the street view features of the Karlhaus Map-Based Property Search."

True to its mission at the forefront of internet technology to provide the best real estate marketing tools to its customers, Karlhaus moves forward yet another step in its Total Web Supremacy™ in the marketing of Spruce Creek Fly-In properties.

See the Karlhaus ValueMap in action: What is my Spruce Creek Home Worth?

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