Karlhaus Realty Record: 13 Properties Sold or Under Contract in less than 9 days!


Karlhaus Realty at SPruce CreekSPRUCE CREEK - Karlhaus Realty has announced a new record in selling properties. The fledging and dynamic company has entered under contract a total of thirteen properties in less than two weeks. The fast pace of sales is attributed to Karlhaus' internet-based business model with a reach several orders of magnitude greater than any other real estate company in the area.

Karlhaus CEO, Carlos Bravo said that they have been receiving a large amount of calls from potential customers from as far away as Moscow, Russia (formerly the USSR). Bravo indicated that he is actively searching for additional agents to join the fast-paced realty based at the world famous Spruce Creek Fly-In. "The key skills we look for are, above all: sheer intelligence as well as professionalism, integrity, knowledge and a passion for the business" Bravo added that "all agents joining Karlhaus must be well versed in computer technology as most of our transactions are paperless and take part putting together parties across vast distances.".

He explained that the hours are long, customers are extremely demanding (as they should be), and the problems being addressed are never easy to solve ("if they were, they would not need to call us..."). "For us, though, this environment is energizing and extremely exciting, and we embrace the challenges with all the intellect and experience at our disposal", Bravo said. He added that the rewards are unlimited as the commission structure is more generous than any other in the area.

When asked how can his realty enjoy such success when so many experienced real estate companies are being forced out of the business due to the current economy, Bravo responded: "Our record was accomplished against entrenched competition with a 20-year lead, but which have fallen asleep at the wheel, lost and confused in today's world of internet and global marketing and not understanding that today's buyer is much more educated and savvy than before. The days of placing a property on the local MLS and passing business cards to the ladies at church or the buddies at the club as a total marketing strategy are over."

"Being an investor and developer that actually has put his own skin in many deals, I approach this quite a bit different from the rest of the agencies here at the Fly-in. "

Bravo, also a private investor and former Management Consultant to some of the largest corporations in the US, said that he modeled Karlhaus in part using the same strategies as his previous business which went public in 1999 and grew to a market valuation of $6 Billion and 1,300 employees.

"I have a professional marketing background with a high-tech engineering foundation and am applying the same concepts I did during my old Management Consulting days when Fortune 500 companies hired my company to provide solid advice and marketing strategies. My competition included the likes of Andersen Consulting, Deloitte-Touche and Price-Waterhouse." Bravo said.

"Further, while other agencies photograph their listings with "Wal-Mart-style" digital cameras, we utilize professional quality photography, while our competitors provide handouts to customers directly from a copy machine, we generate high-quality glossy brochures as fit reflection of the presentation our high-end properties deserve. Our listings have interactive maps and virtual views, where a potential buyer can actually see and feel as if driving by the property from the comfort of their homes."

"Our web site is the most comprehensive source of listings information in the area. Our own competitors routinely use it to find out what's available! (we know, we track IP addresses...). Our photography is so well regarded that in a recent instance we have had to photograph a competitor's listing to send to a client of ours only to find out the competitor later lifted our photos without our permission and used them to promote their own listing!"

"How embarrassing is that?..." Bravo added.

Karlhaus also was selected by Coldwell Banker REO Services as one of a select group of exclusive real Estate Companies experienced in handling Bank-Owned asset dispositions directly. To that effect, Karlhaus Realty created a division, Karlhaus REO which exclusively works with buyers and sellers of foreclosures, REO's and similar special-circumstance properties. For more information see REO Services with Karlhaus Realty.

About Karlhaus Realty...

KARLHAUS REALTY™ at the Spruce Creek Fly-in is a full service Real Estate Brokerage specializing in Florida luxury residential fly-in, golf and ocean properties as well as commercial and investment real estate. Based at the Spruce Creek Fly-in, the world's most exclusive fly-in community, we are only a few miles from famous Daytona Beach. Here you can read a little about our business model: About Karlhaus Realty at Spruce Creek. Download the brochure Spruce Creek Real Estate The Karlhaus Way.

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  • Bill at Spruce Creek May 2, 2009 at 9:02 AM

    Congratulations Carlos!
    Amazing what can be accomplished with simple honest service, professional marketing, sharp negotiation and true attention to customers.

    You have changed our market for the best!

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