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Karlhaus Realty Quality Brochures to Reflect the Value of your Property

At Karlhaus we think outside of the box, because outside of the box is where creativity lies.

Carlos Bravo, CEO of Karlhaus.

Advertising is not about interrupting what people are interested in; its art lies in providing what people are interested in. We believe in engaging, powerful presentations that awakens interest and desire. We turn potential buyers into actual buyers as a byproduct. We gain a lifetime of trust as the end result.

Carlos Bravo is our CEO. He’s a man who likes controversy and loves inspiration. He hates the words "but", "don't" and "can't" and has little patience for those that utter them; unless, of course, they are a competitor...

We know which way the market is going, we spot trends before they become trends. By the time the trend is evident, we are well positioned. This simple formula is the basis of marketing strategy.

While stagnant traditional real estate companies sit perplexed over why a property they list does not sell (and their customers grow frustrated accordingly) they too often point solely at price. We look at positioning and promotion and on extricating the best features and matching those to the needs of a buyer.

Carlos's professional technology and marketing career has taken him around the globe over the past 30 years. The various companies he had a hand in founding and growing today provide employment to thousands of families and produce some of the most innovative products and services in the world.

Engaging, Compelling
and Original
Ideas that Get Attention...

This is no rocket science (although we do have a card-carrying rocket scientist on staff...) this is second nature to any true marketing professional.

We make sense of the chaos in a world of hyper-abundant information and constant innovation.

so much choice so little time...

Niche marketing is an attempt at speaking to today's highly fragmented consumer base in a way they find meaningful and engaging. For marketers looking to make deep connections with select groups of people, there are countless market segments, defined not only by traditional demographics (age, gender, income, etc.) but also by increasingly nuanced and insistent product preferences.

Sorting through the needs and wants of a customer and matching those to an ideal property is our art. In this regard, we have the strongest magic in town.

Creativity in Communication

Today, people are empowered, they demand creativity in communication. Karlhaus Realty's creative department has the talent and technology to generate effective ads in any media. From our branding strategies to positioning and promotion approaches, the marketing brainpower at Karlhaus ensures your property gets the attention it deserves. It is no surprise that Karlhaus Clients always attain the best terms. Not sure? ask any of them!

Karlhaus knows the most effective and efficient ways to reach customers at a time when the Internet continues to change our lives and traditional media isn’t enough to change opinions or attract a buyer.

Social Networks

Online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are now frequented by tens of millions, half of whom are over 35. Karlhaus knows how to use these communities to your advantage, especially during rough times. Social media amplifies and accelerates word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) and creates a new force -digital influence- that has the power to attract customers.

Print Media Advertising

Karlhaus produces professional, rich glossy brochures for our propertiesKarlhaus produces the best brochures and flyers in the business, period. From staging the property in its best light to the creative use of professional photography, digital imaging and production design, our capabilities are unmatched. The end result is a presentation of quality fitting the attention your property deserves. Our professionally printed rich, glossy brochures are so prized, they become collectors items to our clients. Some even frame them!

Here is a sampling of our past print ads:

Spruce Creek Magazine Print Ads by Karlhaus

Disruption is inevitable.
Who gets to be the disrupter is up for grabs...

Columbia Business School ad

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